The Best Time Efficiency Secret For An Entrepreneur

March 22, 2023

When you're starting out you have no team, it's just you so you end up doing everything.And of course, as you grow your company grows and you accumulate more resources so you start to delegate more and build a team.I have the privilege to say I have a big team of almost 350 full-time employees.So my team allows me to delegate most things within my organization.That frees me up to spend more time on the things that are important.You can start focusing on what your next move is, where you’re going, and how you’re going to do it.So how do you maximize your time and what is the secret for time efficiency as an entrepreneur?Be Decisive and ExecuteMy personal secret for time efficiency starts with doing what needs to get done now.Don't sit on it and waste time or do it later, handle it right then and there.Not a lot of people actually do that, they waste time, and sit on tasks.

You need to change the perspective to “Oh, we gotta call this guy? Let’s do it now.”Need to send an email? Do it now. Those are the easiest gradients to start off with.The complete opposite would be, “Yeah, I have to call this guy.”Well, when are you going to call him?Is it going to magically happen or are you going to do it right then and there?Otherwise you lose hours, so if you want to start creating momentum for yourself in your business or life you want to start being decisive and execute.Let's say you want to go to Alaska.You need to do something that's going to move you in that direction.Maybe it's calling a travel agent, getting on the website and requesting some information, checking some flights or booking a flight.But to talk about it and not do anything about it is a waste of time.So if you train yourself to be decisive and executable, it's gonna serve you a lot better.Working For TimeAlong the same lines of time, there is one deadly action that business owners still commit, making it extremely difficult to scale.Where business owners go wrong is they get too involved with working in the business as opposed to working on the business.

What’s meant by that is when you work in the business you're in the kitchen and cooking, metaphorically speaking.You're in the weeds involved in the day to day operations, that’s working in the business.When you're working on the business, you're more from an exterior point of view.So you're looking down and you're orchestrating to make sure how your business is running.And how can you make it continue to run and make it continue to expand.Making Time Work For YouAs the CEO, I don't even have a login to my CRM system.We have an operating system, and I don't even have a login for those types of things, I have no clue where it is.I don't know how to schedule patients, how to handle the calendar system, handle the device data system, the server, none of that.If somebody called and I answered the phone in my company, I wouldn't know how to transfer them.Now, some people may think, “Wow, how could you not do that?? You're the owner!?”Well, did Steve Jobs know how to build a phone? Did he know how to code? Was he an engineer? Was he a software developer?

He was none of those things. But what he was good at, was orchestrating and figuring out who were the best people to do that job.He even went as far as recruiting people from other businesses that he knew would be a great fit for Apple.Time Efficiency at Its BestThat's always been my mindset, “How do I find the best people to do that job?”That's the difference between working in the business and on the business.Then you’ll start to notice those that are successful are the ones that are working on the business as opposed to in the business.So every time I see an entrepreneur and I see that they're working in the business, I think to myself, “Okay, you're going to have a hard time going anywhere” because you can't scale working in the business.You have to think about “how do I work on the business to make it its own living breathing entity that operates without me?”That’s time efficiency at its best for an entrepreneur.

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