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Should You Borrow Money As An Entrepreneur?

One of the most common questions you’ll hear on this is: should you as an entrepreneur borrow money or get an investor from the start?


The Best Time Efficiency Secret For An Entrepreneur

When you're starting out you have no team, it's just you so you end up doing everything.


The Entrepreneurial Kryptonite

A true entrepreneur stays motivated and hungry. But you sometimes complacency creeps in, and this is an entrepreneur's kryptonite.


An Entrepreneurs Guide To Harnessing The Power Of Now

If you haven’t heard, there's a life philosophy called “the power of now.” Most people misrepresent what that actually means.


How To Successfully Manage Time For Productivity

You should be managing your time by making sure that when you’re supposed to do something, you are doing that thing only. Do not let anything get in your way or stop you from finishing that task.


My Formula For Happiness

My formula for happiness can be scary for some people who care about what others think of them. But it's simple.


Effective Traits of Highly Successful Leaders

You may be aware of the traits that make up a leader but what really separates normal leaders from highly successful leaders may shock you even more…


How to Productively Set Your Goals for Achievement

Your goals should be big, but your goals should be in proportion to where you think your ability is.


The Underlying Truth of Success

There's a saying that goes, "Life doesn't begin until you're making 20 grand a month."


Use the Talents You Have

I want to share a thought that occurred to me the other day relating to ability and talent. How many people do you know that have abilities and talents and just let them go to waste?


Building a Team

What is the mindset you need to have to build a sustainable team?


What It Means To Be A Professional

There's no reason to not operate at a high level.


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